Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Fabric

The fabric selected is a brown landau vinyl top material by Haartz. Plenty of UV protection, an acceptable brown tone, and a smooth washable texture. Washable is important in the desert southwest where fine alkalai dust impregnates a woven fabric to the point that you cannot remove it.

The material was stretched on the wood frame twice three months ago. I actually got it to stretch 2" in in 54" width.
NO tacking for me! I predrilled the new top wood (HARD WOOD!!) to prevent breaking screws and used #4 x 1/2" stainless flat head screws on the sides and rear. The front of the top uses 1/2" wire nails in order to end up flat with the material.

I honestly don't know what this tool is, but its tool steel and polished it finds the holes just fine. My Dad had a small box of these and I actually think they might be teeth for an old cotton picker. I can remember Randy and I hiding in the mouth of a cotton picker when we were little, and the tines on those huge rollers didn't seem to hurt us.
You find the hole in the metal groove with the tool and press firmly. The indentation is the target for the needle which locates the predrilled hole. If you are a little off you can move the screw in that direction and screw through the fabric. The same game for the wire nails across the front.

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