Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dinner Out

This Blog started with my 34' Chevy Master. Being new the blogging world, I simply continued on to the Model "A". My tutor (daughter) didn't share with me the fact that you can have more than one Blog!  Several years ago, she assisted me in setting up the mountain Blog, and now I have cool is that??

The 34' has been worth its weight in gold!! It has been a real pleasure to drive and has introduced me to a number of car guys in the street rod scene all of which are real friends and most are retired as I am. It even got me back together with L.A. buddies from the 50's.

Every Friday evening about 10 of us (and 50/60 others) meet for dinner at a large shopping center parking lot for dinner at one of the fast food restaurants in the center.

Everyone seems to get a hoot out of the supercharged 235 Inline Chevy engine.

I take the 34' on Friday because the traffic on the way home seems to want to play chicken with the Model A. 

We get there early (retired!!!) and have "Dinner Out" before the rest of the cars arrive. My daughters don't really need an inheritance anyway........... 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tire Truing

Does anyone remember taking the out of round tires (especially recaps) to the tire shop and having them spin cut the tires with an electric cutter to make them round??

That's what I am doing with the Model A rear tires, only I'm using ASPHALT!! I think its working, and I know its FUN!!

I actually had two issues with the "A" that needed to be taken care of. The first was a carburetor that had a terrible off-idle stumble. I spent days on this off and on and could not win. I finally went to a buddy's and borrowed another Edelbrock. After rebuilding, bigger jets, smaller rods and drilling the out the accelerator pump nozzles to .043", I had excellent nice. Mine now!!

Then there was the rebuilt?? turbo 350 that would not shift. I bought the
book, a Transgo shift programing kit and tore it apart. I replaced a junk valve body and a worn out governor with units out of my core and away we go! It took some tinkering with the governor springs but now we shift hard at 4200 RPM under load all the time, every time!

 I know two old farts in L.A. who might remember a car that looked a lot like this at Fontana in 1963. No purple headers now, and I KNOW I can still take that Olds hydro!!  A new project ahead.