Saturday, October 5, 2013


The last two weeks have not been as progressive as I'd like.

Thursday afternoon I called the upholsterer who was going to prefab the interior for the Model A. I wanted his approval of the selected vinyl that I sent him. After a month of discussion, sending patterns and samples back and forth, and fabricating panels to his specifications, he states that the fabric is fine but he has changed his mind and will no longer do the job. 
I never asked how much, I really didn't care....oh well.

Then there was the glass shop who knew exactly how to do a Model A windshield and promptly exploded the $300 frame into 3 pieces. It was my fault I guess???

The first test was a new stainless cowl band for the "A" from a flake called Ahooga Reproduction Parts. The only thing I can say is that it resembled the original band. Too long on one side (one inch) and not too close on the shape.  If I would ship it back they would check it ($35)??? No call tag, they don't understand why it fits some cars and not others?? No refunds in any case! I do not know how these people stay in business, probably enough turkeys like ME!

Just another sequence of tests.
I think I need to go to the mountains and look for pussy in my driveway.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Shoes !!

I stumbled on an add in the "list" for a set of brand new MT Sportsman SR 30-1200 tires. It took two days of calls/texts (I HATE texting) to get in contact with the seller.

Since the the price was right (did I say the price was "Dirt Cheap"), I jumped in the Diesel for a 50 mile round trip where I found a new pair of shoes in plastic trash bags in the guys bedroom???

 These appear to be a more appropriate size for the Coupe. I hope that the tread pattern is mild enough to minimize rock throwing.

Eat your heart out Howard, these are gonna hook up. You gonna be sittin in the smoke, and I be gone like the wind (maybe that was Gone With The Wind??).

Interior panels

Having had some very interesting experiences with local upholsterers here, I got together with a shop in Arkansas who does Model A interiors routinely. Very reasonable cost. 

This resulted from visiting local shops that I would not take my "A" to as well as being treated like I was a turkey that badly needed to be plucked???  I am sure that my Model A does not needed titainium foil clad carbon fiber composite panel material!! 

Basically, this is a standard "A" and most of the interior is actually stock "A". There are a few differences and I want to use hidden fasteners wherever I can.

Lee suggested that I prepare the interior panels myself to insure that any differences are handled prior to upholstery. He provided a set of paper patterns to work from.

He's pretty sharp. After cutting and shaping the panels, my Plan A for the fasteners went in the trash. The interior of the "A"is a "install in sequence' project that cannot be totally prefabbed and snapped in.

We are currently reviewing options for "Plan B" on fasteners, and hope to have Lee's approval of the fabric today. With approval, I can take the interior garnish to be powder coated in a matching brown.

Did I mention that after 10 hours of cleaning and polishing my aluminum windshield (including carefully removing the glued in ,scratched glass) the glass shop (knows everything!) promptly broke the frame into four pieces. They're sorry, I'm not the least bit impressed!!