Monday, April 29, 2019

Thirty Nine Years New

After two years of work, the Stude made me tired to just look at it. I passed it on to a new and fresh builder. No regrets.

I decided  to move on to a new project (less than 50 years old). Dick and I like RED so here we go.

 As usual, the 1980 Corvette was not quite as advertised. 

I drive entirely too far for projects (and pay too much) so we load it up in the snow (white !#%^%**) and head for home.

Believe me when I suggest that this was a very long trip and my buddies that navigated for me forgot to bring a change of underwear!!

This is amazing, it fits the garage better than anything I've had in there.

Yes, it had been run hard and put away wet but after a year of tinkering it goes like hell and turns right (or left) at 55 mph. So very cool!

Only 39 years old and lots of fun.  I've got to figure out how to supercharge it without fuel injection......