Monday, September 8, 2014

Model A Top Information

More clarification on the hardware for my top installation.

For any aluminum trim or base, a fixture is required to bend the material around the rear corners.

I found that there is a small amount of springback in the base when bent to the exact shape of the corner. You need to cut the mandrel to about 1/4"+ tighter radius than the actual corner.

Attempting to tighten the radius during installation is BAD...very very BAD. Relaxing or opening the radius during installation is easy and smooth.

The fixture is made from some remnant 1/4" plexiglass that Vic gave me last year. This is the ONLY bend (2ea) that needs to be done prior to installation. The slight curves of the perimeter are handled with little effort during the installation. After bending the corner, I marked, predrilled and deburred the the base to correspond to all of the alternate holes in the top groove.

This is the actual molding installed on the aluminum base. Neat stuff that seems to no longer be made in colors........I was very fortunate to find this. The base of the base is 0.250" wide.

There was some suggestion of a heat gun for the installation. I would say no since I believe a warm top and a 150-180 water bath would be safer and easier to use.

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