Saturday, September 13, 2014

Model A Carpet

The top went well, at 22 cents per hour, I could make a bundle doing these. Since I was able to buy the Harrtz material and matching molding, I went to my suppliers and bought more of the same material and the last 25' of vinyl molding for the '34 Chevy.......just in case I have another cerebral incident!

I'm on a roll so let's carpet this jewel.

The first step is to cover the tunnel since the floor carpet will be bound and fit around the tunnel. The floor is made to be removed which means that the carpet cannot be attached to the firewall in front.

I cut a pattern for the padding to cover the tunnel and from that I cut the padding. VOID, on curves the pattern is 1" too small. The padding was way too short. Good wakeup call for me to pay more attention to layout.
 The length of the pad was
correct but the dimension over the arch was 1" to short.

You cannot believe the pattern on a curved surface with a thick material.

I increased the width 2" and the length 1" for the carpet since it needs to lat flat for 1/4" around the tunnel. Trim three times for fit.

Patterns, patterns, and patterns of the patterns. Flat surfaces are true except on corners and bends.

Somewhere along the line during the interior, I picked up a couple of yards of white 1/8" slick foam. This material is perfect for patterns. It's easy to cut and mark with a fine line pen. It bends and flexes and does not rip when in and out of the car. No stretch and much easy to use than construction paper.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but cutting the jute padding with Weiss scissors (resharpened twice) generates the most amazing blisters on the right ring finger. I think I may quit this job and go home!!


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