Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back on the Job

Domestic projects have caused a significant delay in the Model A.

This delay was welcome as I was very apprehensive concerning the 250 holes for tacks/nails very close to the nice red paint. The fabric installation uses about 125 and the trim another 125.

The concrete crew left part of a roll of 20 mil plastic which was just right for a pattern of the padding.

I got the padding from Bert's in Denver. I try to buy everything that I can from them because they DO Model A's and not just sell parts. Very knowledgeable guys.

Cutting this fluffy stuff was easy with a rolling razor cutter.

The third layer of fabric just below the padding is convertible top fabric. This has a rough woven texture and holds on to the padding well and should prevent slippage. No Glue required!

I elected to chuck 200 #6 tacks

Taped and shielded from me, I think we are ready to begin. 

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