Thursday, August 8, 2013


It's time to stop looking at it and get back to work. I got the EZ Wire kit out and spread it all over the garage. Huge looms and this is only the 12 wire kit. If you follow their instructions it works very well.
I used this same kit on the '34 Chevy and was more than pleased.

After changing the looms to my specifications, the fuse panel and all of the looms had to be installed and laced through the car. The "A" is about 3 feet shorter than the Chevy and there was MORE then enough wire.

I'm a plug and play kind of guy and the instrument cluster, light switch, and a misc. accessory loom had to be soldered into plugs. This allows removal of anything to be worked with at a later date. Twelve wires in the instrument cluster plug!

What do you think??
The ignition key is on the right to prevent inserting it under my knee cap during an unforseen incident.

Assembly & Dirt

I had to take a break this morning  to call "My Machinist". This is Dick's birthday and I had to find out if he was older than dirt or just as old as dirt!
He's about  5 weeks older than me so I guess he is only as old as dirt.

The radiator is fitted to the frame on polyethylene pads and the shell then mounted and assembled. A few issues with this but all resolved prior to painting the shell.

The exhaust is run back to the rear of the seat. New brake lines bled and good.

Prior to installing the fuel tank, I needed an upholstered panel on the bulkhead in front of the tank. Actually need materials to upholster the inside of the trunk but in front of the tank had to be done now.
Fortunately, Bart arrived for a visit and we cut and glued a panel for the bulkhead after a quick visit to the 
upholstery supply.

Bart is an extremely handy cabinet maker with advanced skills in every home improvement area but I never knew he could 'polster.
We did have some fun!