Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Doors n' Glass

Finally, I'm down to installing the doors. I need to have them on to install the glass and door panels. The cowl panels need to line up with the door panels. Measuring is good but having all in position to scribe the line is the best.
Remember the dream?? This is looking EXACTLY like the dream. The tinted glass was from Bob's Classic Auto Glass
They were nice enough to compare my patterns to theirs as a check and then I elected to use their patterns since they know the glass business. They are perfect.
I want to mention that if you want to cut to your patterns, be very careful, they cut and you bought! Good people to work with and they know the correct glass thickness for the Model A.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seat's In !!

After 20 months of work, the plan is coming together. I actually sat in the car today!
Jose did a very nice job on the seat cushions, his upholstery men are very experienced and he demands good work.


They are exactly like my drawings, just what I wanted.

I drew up the the door panels and dropped off the panels, drawings and fabric to them on Friday. He will have the pleated fabric for me in a couple weeks.

Now that the trans cables, cooler, and battery cables are in, It was time for the floor. Finding the bag of hardware from the fabrication was a bit of a challenge but we got'er done.

 The Lokar brake handle is out of the way, and the master cylinder access is going to be fine. I'm going to need a gas pedal soon.