Friday, January 28, 2011

We Bad!!!

Evidently the published formulae for supercharger boost are summarized with "assemble and instrument the unit, then test and change pulleys as necessary" ???
Installed a smaller 3.4" pulley (2.9 lbs.??-1.69 pulley ratio) and tested. Now reading 1.7lbs. and WOW!! This is a definite power boost.
While I don't feel that that a change from Radial TA's to BFG drag radials is necessary at this time, I was impressed with the power increase.
The MP90 is flowing about 260 cfm at 6760 rpm and is now starving above 3000 engine rpm due to my expert surgical mod's to the junk Edelbrock 500. This seems to be quite evident as the boost drops off above 3000 rpm. We need a Holley 0-8007 390 cfm with vacuum secondaries.

Just click the image for full sized view.

Now with 1000 miles on the installation, a few clutch bugs have shown up and the Saginaw transmission ratios are no fun to drive. With the 3.11 low and 4.10 rear axle gearing, I need to shift before crossing an intersection and can start in 2nd gear with better results. I am going to change to the single ring Saginaw gear set with the 2.54 low gear. I will rip it all apart in a couple weeks and take care if all of this at one time.

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  1. Jeez Dad, I need a dictionary to understand this stuff!!! But I think it means your car is by day. ;-D Someday maybe we'll get a ride? See you tomorrow!