Thursday, January 13, 2011


The original concept on this project was based on Larry's 1931 Model A coupe (at 15, I was more than impressed) in 1960, in East L.A. His Model A was all black, stock height, with 16" black Kelsy Hayes wires and 600.16 blackwalls. Appearing like a stock Model A, under the hood was a trick flat head V8 with aluminum heads and an aluminum single 4 barrel intake. Very clean sleeper. At 15 years, I was in love with those polished aluminum heads and chrome acorn caps. I was NOT impressed with the orange, used 265 Chevy V8 in my Model A.
A few years later, I visited Larry at home where he was involved in installing a Chevy small block with dual quads in the A.
Last summer, I visited Larry again during a trip through the Northwest. In his garage sits the Model A (a garage find!!!). After 50 years, he still has the car. Even though the car has not been run in 30+ years, I think he may put it back on the road.
Absolutely AMAZING!

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