Thursday, January 13, 2011


After 6 years of an occasionally stressful education by Dad (Boss-metal man), Ray and Alfonso (4EVER FOUR), Gary and Larry (street rods), my past is evidently in control. I just cannot continue the concept!
Growing up with Dick and Tom didn't help!
It would require $2K to have the wires cleaned, powdercoated, new tires-tubes-liners-hubcaps and I just don't like the look, period. Whitewalls...ugh!

The supercharged 235 fits nicely under the hood, the saginaw is invisible except for the shift knob, but this cannot go on.

I ordered a set of special smoothies from Gary McLean
in Fresno, Ca. (15", 6 lug, 4 1/2" fronts, 5 1/2" rears, 3 1/4" max back space) that bolt right on the '34. BFG Radial TA's large and small. Reasonable pricing, long wait, but they fit!
Just the change of wheels results in that street look that I had to have. The brakes are
working better and better and the smaller tires improve them even more.
The car steers and drives so much better with fresh rubber on the ground.

Now if I just knew how to paint...I'm going to learn!

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  1. Looks nice, Dad. I wondered what the hell you were working on these past months!! And you are going to paint that yourself, you cheap bastard?? LOL....take it to the paint shop ASAP so it doesn't like it was done with a beer in one hand and a broom the other!! ;-D See ya Sunday for lunch....