Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Now!!

Would you look at what rolled into my garage when I wasn't looking. I now have additional "stuff" to search Ebay for. This looks like a "shop til ya drop" situation.
Actually, I have never owned a project this clean in my life!
Still waiting for '34 chevy parts and plan to rework the clutch and 4 speed when all is in hand.
I might add that the other half of this entity is not as thrilled with this new addition as I had hoped.
Oh well.......

Click on picture


  1. It looks so.....bare. ??? Looks like a big job...better get on it!!

  2. Looks good! Following
    Steve (another 34 Chevy owner)

  3. Wow - the possibilities are limitless, or are they? What type of body used to sit on that frame? Or is the frame new? How many hours a day have you been spending on this little project?