Friday, September 24, 2010

It Fits!!!

When Dick explained to me what he could do with the Bridgeport CNC vertical mill, I was amazed. Basically he mounts the pulley, then locates the center hole and the existing bolt pattern and then tells the mill what he wants done and it does the functions as instructed. I'm sure there is 40 years of knowledge that goes along with this, but I WANT ONE SANTA!!
I expected minor adjustments but the pulley simply bolted on. Remember the center hole is enlarged to .980" diameter and the new 2.25" four bolt pattern is offset 45 degrees and drilled to .259". With the 1/8" spacer, the new pulley fits over the existing cast iron pulley on the pump (1" grade 8 bolts required-original fan blade). This moves the fan forward 3/8".
We are now at 1.14 times the crankshaft speed instead of 1.59 times using the original 4.25" water pump pulley. Big difference!
This would offer a 1.01 pulley ratio if the stock damper was used.

Now if I wing'er up a wee bit in the garage, my organs don't cramp from terror and the spectators and my hood are safer on launch (kinda sporty looking too).
The speed and efficiency of the water pump are a factor here and I will report if any problems crop up.
I received the invoice from Rich Tool but there was evidently an Inkjet cartridge malfunction. I penciled the corrected amounts in prior to submitting it to Corporate. 
Thanks once again Dick!!!!!

Took the 34' for a 10 mile ride this morning, no cooling problems indicated and so nice and quiet. Previous fan noise was terrible, even at normal driving RPM.
This modification is a big plus in my situation. 

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