Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dick n' Tom

These two were probably my closest friends during my teen years and the renewal of that friendship after 45 years has been great. All of us went our separate ways during that time and ended up a little beat up but still kickin'.

Dick is the tall good looking stud and Tom is the Italian weight lifter to the right.
Now the hard part.......

Both are standing in front of Dick's VERY NICE '57 Chevy. 
The '57 has a recent paint upgrade, wheels, Discs, and it looks like new pinstriping!
I always felt that the '57 was Chevy's best 50's year and Dick's has all the goodies and upgrades. The dash has an absolute mirror finish in black that is hard to believe. he's got a beautiful early Mustang that sits in the garage next to the '57.

I shouldn't post Tom's '32 'cause it probably needs work....

1932 Chevrolet four door 350/350 and
a magnificent vintage lacquer candy apple red paint job on a flawless body. This car has more chrome underneath that mine has in total. To
give you an idea of this car, there is no dust on the lug nuts under the hubcaps.

As you can see, it's probably a good thing that I live 300 miles away from these two. I would not be allowed to park in the same lot for morning coffee.

Beautiful cars. Just click on the pictures for enlarged view. 

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  1. Hell yeah, those cars are VERY nice, Dad. And until you paint your ride, you can't park near them. At all. Period. ;-)