Saturday, March 16, 2013


The powder coated frame looked pretty good in the pictures right? WRONG!!
I knew it had some issues but until one gets to the finishing.........
There is probably 60 hours in repairing the frame and the rear axle issues caused by the original owner.

Things are looking up. Persistence and determination and this came back from the painter yesterday.

ARREST ME RED is as true a red as I could find and is actually Honda R513 Rallye Red. The main focus here was a basecoat-clearcoat red without the orange tint. I think its nice.

I provided the materials and did the prep and a friend sprayed it for me. Personally I think painting the frame with all the nooks and crannys would be worse than painting the car.

Is this nice or what??? Thanks Nick


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  1. That color looks great! Nice job....and it's good to see you posting again!