Monday, March 25, 2013

Garage cleanup

If you have ever had a car completely disassembled in your garage then you know.......... hard to walk in the mess. If I had Tom's garage, there would be no problemo. I could do two!!

Where to put it all??? on the frame and then roll it outside. The 9" rear axle was easy, but carefully assembling the freshly painted front assembly took a day and a half.

Now if I could get rid of the engine on the stand and the turbo 350 I would be ready to work on the main body.

Working on this Jewel is not all that much fun. I'm a clutz and I cannot scratch it now. I'm much better with single seat off-road cars and snow plows. Scratches are not an issue there.
Things are much better now, I have room to shove the paint materials and filler up against the cabinets.

The main body starts now, I hope to have paint on it by the last half of April.


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