Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Got up this morning motivated to DO something..... Ah, stimulate the U.S. economy, yes! No, I did not get my 'bama check but throwing caution to the winds, I took the '34 down and ordered a new front carpet to replace the one I cut up when I installed the saginaw 4-speed.
That accomplished, I decided to go look at a Craigslist piece on the way home. Of course the unit is old and used, but so am I!
The seller was very courteous and I procured the unit at a very fair price. I still need pulleys and a service kit but its better to be blown than naturally aspirated (I remember someone telling me that!).
The search for an appropriate body for the '32 is not progressing well at all. I guess that I must be the only one who thinks rusted out field trash is not the jewel of the month. Maybe fiberglass???? not sure yet.

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  1. Glad to see you are getting out a bit and working on your projects. Can't you chrome whatever that is in the driveway??? LOL...