Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun Stuff

A few years back (50???), when we were kids, there was a large chrome plater in East L.A. When we learned of it, we promptly removed everything imaginable from the "A" and took it down to them in a box. We were sent to the back door where they chuckled at us, took the box, and told us to come back in a week. How cool was that??
The chrome fan blade was my pride and joy and I had to have one again. I sent my NOS '54 blade to Tom in L.A. and he had it plated at Superior Plating in Pomona. These people do very fine show quality work. I would not be concerned over their workmanship...ever. The bottom line is that I am now cooler than ever!

The little cheapie Ebay air cleaner that I had was probably adequate but after several cruel comments from friends??? I stepped right up to the plate and upgraded the intake system with a cast aluminum unit that is no doubt worth at least a 0.50 improvement in E.T. One can justify anything.... it simply requires a little thought and too much free time. 

Not being experienced with the cooling characteristics of the 34' Chevy, I can now discuss the summer drive. Summer here is 105 to 115F with asphalt temperatures of 150F+. Considering that the fan is running slower than normal (1.1 times crank speed) I feel that the new radiator core is doing the job. Heavy traffic or long signals result in the engine coming up to 200F but 1/2 mile at 25/35 mph brings it back down to the thermostat (180).
I believe that the addition of the grill retarded the cool down time and sped up the heating at a signal.
I must emphasize that we are able to cool down 700 lbs of cast iron 20F in 1/2 mile. That seems appropriate to me.

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  1. That is a pretty bad ass fan blade!! It makes me think that I need to chrome a few things as well....maybe a Featherweight??? Nice job, Dad!!