Monday, March 28, 2011

My Other Ride

In my other life, this is my pride and joy. I have actually owned this 1973 Scout II longer than any other vehicle....EVER!
Obtained this vehicle from a customer for an invoice he was unable to pay. Believe me it was a real dog but I needed it and the Scout II is a very strong unit.
This one was a 258 six with a T90 three speed and a single speed bicycle chain transfer case. I sold the six, then sold the transmission, and chucked the t-case in the dumpster.
When it went back together, I installed another used Jeep 258 with a Jeep truck T-18 four speed (6-1 low), dana 20 T-case and a track-lok rear differential. Fortunately I was able to add power steering and an old but decent Meyers 92" plow. I am able to push through up to 30" of fresh powder or 10-12" of older snow.
This is a must to get to snow camp in the winter.

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