Monday, March 28, 2011

Retirement is GREAT!!!

My days are full... you have to keep busy.
I finally received the close ratio (single ring) saginaw with a 2.54-1 low gear. As usual, this wasn't the low milage, clean, one owner that it was supposed to be... but 1st gear and 4th gear were very nice! I found an excellent source for saginaw parts at M/R Racing. These people KNOW saginaw and if they tell you that they have a very good used gear, it's an EXCELLENT used gear. Reasonable and fast shipping (found 'em on Ebay).
I replaced 2nd and 3rd gear and both sliders as well as the brass, then installed the Patrick's main shaft and the new bearings/adapter from the 2 ring trans. I will end up with an extra good 2 ring transmission to sell.

A new (not rebuilt!) clutch, flywheel ring gear, and surfacing will put this Chevy back together correctly. A great deal of cleaning and a revision of the rear shocks will get me back on the road.

I feel that I actually won one! Disassembled the 327 in the roller to a short block and found virtually everything is new. This engine has less than 3k miles on it I am sure! The heads are fresh with the .194 valves and are the large chamber which will be perfect for a 1-5 psi blower.
I assembled the engine with some new stuff and added a rebuilt turbo 350, then stuffed it back in the chassis.
The 1930-31 model A coupe is the body that I want to use but I have not located a suitable unit at a decent price yet. At $4.00/gal. for diesel, you can't drive to Tennessee for one.
I will keep looking, there are lots of them out there.

New program: Inheritance Reduction

I would not want my girls to stress out should I have the big one.

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  1. Nice post....nice pics. Not so nice about the inheritance reduction!! LOL... Glad to see you are having fun in the garage. Love the new door...very uptown! Thanks!