Monday, July 12, 2010

Shiftin' n Huffin'

Tom had a 4 speed in his Chevelle, I had a 3 speed.....*#!+%$ and then Ron drives into the school parking lot grinning from ear to ear with a 471 blower on his fine 39' Ford coupe........Awww*&$*^#. I only had one four barrel. Dick had a blonde. I think Dick and I were chasing girls while the others got ahead of us!
Now after 45 years, I have a four speed, Yes!! I do not want to discuss what Tom and Dick have now.......NO!
However, I recently completed this hand carved accessory in a belated attempt at catch-up. Dick's tool and die skills and his equipment were seriously needed assistance, thank you. 
This is a Magnuson MP90 supercharger (magnificent engineering) operating in draw-through wet mode with an Edelbrock #1403 500 cfm carburetor. My drawings and Aaron's fab skills on the carburetor plenum.
I set this up for low boost and so far everything is running well. Have about 20 miles on the system now and so far no significant problems.
All fits within the 34' Master hood.

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  1. How can I contact you via email? I have been very interested in supercharging a 250 inline 6 chevy motor for over 20 years. How did you build it and is it possible to fit it under the hood of a 78 Nova? I orinally wanted to do a roots but would like to do a centrifugasl style yet I am fine with either.