Monday, July 12, 2010

Measure-Measure-Measure Again!

This is an original 1934 Master with a professionally rebuilt DuBonnet front suspension and mechanical brakes...ugh. Some very knowledgeable guys on the VCCA site stated that if the brakes are in excellent condition and serviced "by the book" that they will function well. Lots of work but they do function better than I expected (new cables and clean/polish every moving part from the pedal bushings to the shoes).
Since the rear axle was very good, I adapted the saginaw 4 speed to the torque tube with a very nice kit from Patrick's in Arizona GREAT PEOPLE! The secret to this kit is using a 37/39 1/2 ton trunion joint and the drive and driven speedo gears from the 49/54 chevy PU. The trunion joint has the same rear half that a 34 Master has and a 10 spline front half that is close enough to the adapter shaft splines that careful hand work will make it fit.
My biggest fear in this was that the saginaw was too long (13 5/8" vs. 12" for the synchromesh '34). That is not the case, I cut 1/2" off the torque tube and propeller shaft and all is perfect.
The actual problem is the length of the engine. Using the '54 high short water pump engine, the fan is in the correct location but the back of the head is 1/2" forward of the firewall (file the lump off the passenger side rear of the head!).
 I used the center front mounting and built two side mounts off of the front bellhousing face to the existing frame xmember mounts.

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