Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On my way home from getting a haircut about a month ago, the thermometer in the truck said it was 116 degrees, It was!! I'm outa here.
Hooked on to the trailer and headed for the coast of California.
I wanted to see the coast of California and Oregon....have never had the time.
Highway 1 from Morro Bay to Frisco is not the way to see the coast! Basically you get an occasional quick glance at the ocean while negotiating a 32' trailer by the cliffs, bicyles, and areas where the road fell off into the ocean.
That was the extent of Highway 1 but ended up at the Klamath River and never saw the sun through the fog.
I contacted  Ben Banson, a young guide from Gold Hill on the Rogue River and spent an outstanding day drift fishing 10 miles of the Rogue with him. Excellent equipment, drift boat, and skill. It was great! One of the fish was a 7 lb. steelhead as you see. 
More fishing in Oregon, then back home where it had cooled down to 98 degrees.

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  1. Nice fish, Dad! If you got more pics we'd love to see them...;-)