Monday, November 4, 2013

Number Four

I'm on my fourth upholsterer now. The first three that blew me off we have all met before. They may do good or even magnificent work, but they do not work all the time.
This is a shop downtown that I have done a little business with on the 34'. This is a real business, he has 5 men working and is always busy.

In the meantime, down to the upholstery supply and picked up about 10 miles of #92 polyester thread (color match to the vinyl) and then to the Pfaff center for some #90 needles. This can't be all that difficult!

I measured the bows for a 5 seam headliner and cut the vinyl with a           1 3/8" listing. Sewed all together on the Pfaff 7550 and it came out fine. 
 These are all simple straight seams that can be done at home. the rear 1/4 panels were more than a little fun but finally came out very nice.
I've got the bit in my teeth now, the rear panels, window, and glass were made and installed today.
Things are looking up, I wasn't supposed to do this myself but why not??
Minor adjustments to the headliner as soon as I get a warm day. The vinyl acts strangely with the temperature variations of the last few days.
I'll get the seat assembly finished
I hammer shaped an aluminum strip to match the panels and tacked it into position so the entire headliner is in the car without the supporting panels as it was done originally. The supporting panels will snap into place with all hidden fasteners.


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