Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Layout, Glue, and You

The minimal skills I picked up during the abuse by my best friend (Dad) were seriously valuable during this little project. When you add that experience to the vast knowledge available at the Interior Forum at Hot Rodders.Com, you can proceed with your SIMPLE project with enough background to muddle through.

It took way to many hours, but a very rewarding experience! The goal was all hidden fasteners but I will need at least 4 and probably 6 covered snaps to complete the installation.

What do you think so far?? The rear bulkhead panel is completely hidden but I may add covered snaps to this to make it correct.
More of the drivers side.....
Even my nitpicking buddies are OK with this so far

I only get upset when people won't work for me. I had not intended to do this myself but the whole thing has been a neat project and very inexpensive.  Less than $300.00 total to this point.
The seat frame was definitely a pain, and the Pfaff 7500 will not do sew foam so we are waiting for the cushions from the upholstery shop. Once the seat is installed I can tell how much foolishness I can dream up for the door panels. The Model A doors are VERY close to the seat cushion.


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