Thursday, October 3, 2013

Interior panels

Having had some very interesting experiences with local upholsterers here, I got together with a shop in Arkansas who does Model A interiors routinely. Very reasonable cost. 

This resulted from visiting local shops that I would not take my "A" to as well as being treated like I was a turkey that badly needed to be plucked???  I am sure that my Model A does not needed titainium foil clad carbon fiber composite panel material!! 

Basically, this is a standard "A" and most of the interior is actually stock "A". There are a few differences and I want to use hidden fasteners wherever I can.

Lee suggested that I prepare the interior panels myself to insure that any differences are handled prior to upholstery. He provided a set of paper patterns to work from.

He's pretty sharp. After cutting and shaping the panels, my Plan A for the fasteners went in the trash. The interior of the "A"is a "install in sequence' project that cannot be totally prefabbed and snapped in.

We are currently reviewing options for "Plan B" on fasteners, and hope to have Lee's approval of the fabric today. With approval, I can take the interior garnish to be powder coated in a matching brown.

Did I mention that after 10 hours of cleaning and polishing my aluminum windshield (including carefully removing the glued in ,scratched glass) the glass shop (knows everything!) promptly broke the frame into four pieces. They're sorry, I'm not the least bit impressed!!

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