Sunday, September 8, 2013

Old School

I'm definitely old school and definitely as old as dirt. I went down to the shop last week and bent up a couple tail pipes and picked up two pencil tips. No stainless rolled slash Megs stuff for me!!

The exhaust is now complete (fitted, trimmed, and hung). I like it (just like 1960)! A side note, being raised in Dad's muffler shop in East L.A. means that Dick, Tom, and I had every conceivable exhaust on our cars for years. We changed exhaust systems when the tips got dirty!

 I wanted this one to be simple and clean at the rear. The only new technology is the LED licence plate light and third brake light. The 39 ford tail lights are LED also with a Rapid Fire circuit.

It's gettin there!!

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  1. Wow Dad...looking great! I think I missed the last few posts and I can't believe how much you have been getting done...fantastic!!!