Monday, July 1, 2013

Arrest Me RED

Nick finished the final detail on the "A" and shot it.

I think we ended up using a mixed 2 gallons of Honda Rallye Red and a mixed     1 3/4 gallons of SPI Universal Clear.

The clear was tough, hard as nails in 18 hours. We color sanded with 1200 (work!!) and then with 1500 over the entire car. 

Polished with 3M to finish. Machine polished the panels and I finger polished the detail.

This was a intense learning experience for me and I can tell you that 3M is the best of the best in polishing products. Absolutely AMAZING !!! Click on Pic

Thank you Nick !!


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  1. Wow!!! That looks amazing....I really like the color and it looks as smooth as glass. You both did an awesome job, Dad! I can see why you've been so busy lately. Keep blogging!!