Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Vision

I had to do a minor mock-up in order to locate the steering column/shaft so why not confirm the vision?? It involved about 20 minutes to see if this is similar to "the vision".
What do ya' think? If you remove your glasses and squint a little it looks a lot like the "vision".
The firewall setback is only 2 1/2" and is a function of the distributor clearance.

Miles to go but I'm good with this so far.

The rear floor is rosette and seam welded in place and fit better than I had hoped. No problems with the installation.

Four crossmembers and the front and rear originals make this a strong installation.

I purchased replacement fenderwell panels but am unimpressed with them. The panels are 22 ga. and are not as strong as the original A units. I feel that the fenderwells are an integral portion of the rear quarters and these cannot replace them well.
Haven't decided which way to go yet.


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