Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drip rail

In the original "A" coupe, the trunk drip rails discharged fluid through a larger cavity in the rear of the body. Actually just dumped in the rear of the body to the ground. This doesn't work well at all with a full floor. Water always runs downhill, right?
At the time we rolled the floor, we bent
this shape in a 48" 16 gauge strip. I thought this represented what the two piece rear section might have looked like.
I did not have the original rear angle but it had to end up like this when bolted together.
A lot of trimming and fitting since it needed to drain from the center to the sides (notch) and bow to the rear to match the rear panel (same notch). The trunk rubber bumpers mount on this and the trunk latch also is attached.

Next were the drip rail extensions and then the tube through the floor.

With end caps on the cross rail, arched to the rear and sloped down from the center to the outside the cute little drip rail extensions dump the water into the trough. My Bud Light test all ended up in the trough (very minimal test, good bud light).
I will use 5/8" od tubing connectors through the trough and floor on each side and 5/8" hose between them. A little seam sealer will finish this part.

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