Monday, April 2, 2012

Front Floor

This is the "as sheared" 16 ga. front floor and a prefab tunnel from Howell sheet metal in Texas. The tunnel has a slight twist in it as stamped (easily removed) and is very nice.

The floor must now be trimmed and fitted to the firewall that is clamped in position.

Now trimmed around the edges and fitted to the firewall it looks pretty good.

The transmission relief required several final adjustments even with a cardboard template. The hole on the driver side is an access to the master cylinder lid.  I turned a 1" edge to the rear on the firewall that accepts the front of the floor.

Using the section of floor that was removed from the center, I scribed the angle on the tunnel and carefully cut it for the firewall. In this installation, the full length of the tunnel ( 17" ) was required.

I am pleased with the mockup, it looks clean and smooth.  The original concept was to weld the floor in place but I think with the addition of a flange on the front of the tunnel, I can make the whole floor removeable. This is going to be nice.

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  1. Cool...looks nice! Why would you want the floor removable??