Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tacked Together

The "A" is progressing pretty well. The new rear subrails were shimmed for polyethylene body mounts, strengthened with match arched .083 square tube and all tacked in place. The cowl has been inletted to match the 32' frame arch and fitted with a 12 ga. insert that bolts to the frame. The insert is tacked in place. After all is securely tacked in place, the body goes back on the roller where I can get to the bottom for finish welding.

The stance is not too bad. I would have liked a tad more rake to the body but this frame/body combination will not allow that. If the frame was sized for the "A", or if it was pinched 2 1/2"+ That would have been possible.

Since I will have to purchase a 4' X 10' sheet of 16 ga. cold rolled and have it sheared, I will cut out the firewall and draw up the entire floor/firewall to be sheared at one time.

Lots of hours ahead but it's looking better with every step.

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